Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dad arrives in Sapporo!!! oh no!!!

For my Dad's first day in Hokkaido, Ikuya and I took him to Otaru - a pretty little canal/port town about 30 minutes outside of Sapporo.

Our first stop was for conveyor belt sushi!!! Raw fish was not a hit with my Dad so we ordered him some Shrimp Tempura, Egg sushi, cucumber rolls and soba noodles to fill him up.

He was AMAZED by the electronic plate counter which tallied up our bill at the end ;-)

After lunch my Dad loved wandering along the canal and window shopping in all of the glass, wood and music box stores.

We also made him pose in all the Hokkaido photo opp stations!!!

Yeah for bears and marimo!!!

We drove back to Sapporo just in time to make our reservation at a famous Nippon Ham Fighters Baseball Team Shabu Shabu Restaurant in Susukino. For more on the deeeelish swishing beef dish see my previous post:

After dinner, we went to take the elevator down, but when the doors opened it was PACKED full of a group of roudy elderly folk screaming for us to join them! My Dad said we would wait but they refused and starting screaming for us and cheering for us to get in!!!! we thought the elevator would drop from packing so many jumping roudy people in one little steel box.

We somehow survived the elevator disco then gave him a tour of Susukino… full of the susukino boys with big fancy hair, girls in short skirts and crazy fashion, and people dressed in animal costumes…

We also took him to one of my favorite stores - Don Quixote which is 5 floors jam packed with great crazy shopping. My Dad spotted these Jesus body pills... I guess if you take them you too can have a hot bod like Jesus did. ;-0

We also stopped to watch the street performers and buskers along Tanuki Koji shopping arcade.


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