Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dad's arrival in Kyoto!!!

Since I've been pretty slack writing in my blog lately... I've decided to use the e-mails I've been sending my Mom to keep her posted on our adventures here in Kyoto and around... Hope you can also enjoy em. ;-)

DAY ONE: Dad's arrival in Japan

hey mom! dad finally arrived here in japan!!! let the party begin! ;-)

hes still askin about why Japan is called NIPPON here. we went for dinner at a DELICIOUS cheap ramen shop down the road from the hotel. YUM!!!! might be better than sapporo ramen. ;-) dad already bought you a present. watch out. he loves everything. his flight was fancy. haagen daz and milano cookies. he loves ANA. but the lady couldnt speak english. he wanted orange juice and she looked at him like he was crazy. i think he got pineapple. i told him he has to say: ORENJI JUSU! hahah tomorrow we might take a train outta town to go see a festival. yeeee ha! you know how i love festivals!!! ;-) wish you were here xoxo callie and inquisitive daddy

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