Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad's e-mail to Mom about Sapporo ;-)

Can you believe I am now speaking Japanese?

Well, actually, I am still relying on Callie San to interpret for me...

But I'm trying.

At the welcome party her teachers had for me, we all had our picture taken with a strawberry whip cream cake that Miami brought.

It had a chocolate sign on it that said, "Welcome Callie's Dad."

So good....

But when we gathered for the picture I tried yelling out, YOKKATA, which means I am so happy.

The problem was what came out instead was "Yukata" which means summer kimono.

How embarrassing!


Callie has been the best travel guide in Japan, and takes me everywhere & answers all my crazy American questions about life in Japan.

I loved going to her school yesterday & meeting all of her students & teachers.

They were really interested in our pictures and slides about life in America, but so sweet but shy to ask questions.

Still they all came at lunch and after school, too, for English club and for a lunchtime party.

At the end Callie had them do the song "Chester have you heard about Harry?" and point to all the parts of the body as they sang the song faster and faster.

I was laughing so hard!


Of all the places and people here in Japan, my favorite is being with her friend Ikuya.

He is the nicest guy ever... so kind and thoughtful.

Great personality...

Mom will enjoy his sense of humor- really funny.

Dane will be a match for his dancing and singing.

You will both love him... I sure do!


His English is really good, and he is quick to pick up different expressions I use... and also teach me some Japanese.

He's an amazing architect - he took us to a museum in Sapporo Art Park that his company designed.

It was really beautiful... can't wait to show you the pictures.

Ikuya took us to so many places already... Otaru village by the canal with so many little shops was beautiful.

We went up the lookout tower and ate at a sushi bar.

Ikuya had to tell me what everything was as it passed by us on the sushi conveyor belt & then Callie told me whether or not she thought I would like it.

The ride along the ocean reminded me of Acadia Park in Maine, and the the fall colors are bright red and yellow like up at Devils Lake.

The color is changing already here because it is so far north.

Ikuya took us to a stone park where we met another Papillon- in a strawberry dress!

Then we went to eat at a shabu shabu restaurant where they bring you slices of meat and veggies that you cook at your table by dipping them in a pot.

Oishii.... DELICIOUS!

On the way out of the restaurant, the doors opened to a big party in the elevator with everyone singing and laughing.

What a fun country!


Hugs from Dad

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