Monday, September 28, 2009

Dad's first day at school and dinner at a student's house

On Monday, my dad came to my school!!! The students absolutely loved him. In one of our classes the students dressed him up in school uniform. (Sadly cause of privacy issues with my school I can't post pictures of him with the students....)

In another class my dad had me act like a dog as he taught the students dog commands in English.hahaha...

We had a lunch time party where over 40 students came to see his photos and hear his stories about America and trip to Japan.

After school he also joined in the tea ceremony! The students were giggling so much watching him as he tried to follow the strict rules of how to hold the cup, bow, etc... ;-)

On Tuesday he had the day to explore Sapporo on his own and then we went to a student's house for dinner ;-) She handmade New Year's sushi which were DEEEEELICIOUS and so beautiful! We also ate sukiyaki... YUM and loads of other dishes...

It was the mother's b-day the day before so we surprised her with b-day cakes and we sang Happy BIRTH day to her in Kenyan Sign Language ;-)

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