Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 2 in Kyoto... Danjiri Festival, Daitoku-ji and Gion

DAY 2 : am e-mail to mom

dad woke up at 5am. so were off to the festival outside of osaka early ;-) last night dad really wanted peach juice at 11pm so we went to the next door convienient store and i found him looking at peach sake. hahahahahahhahahaha... good thing i was there to stop him from buying it.

dad said no one was next to him on the plane. perfect!!!!! he showed me all the things in the suitcases WOW WOW WOW. thanks for sending loads of cereal. mmmm... cant wait to gorge on it.

much lovin. off to eat rice balls for breakfast. uh oh. hope dad can do without his Special K here in Nippon xoxo callie

DAY 2: pm e-mail to mom

dad says he hopes your house walk was really fun but he thinks you would have liked the temple walk even more. dad was so sad he only saw 6 day.

the festival was a RIOT!!!!! it was like a running of the bulls in spain. we were caught up in a swarm of 1,000s of men pulling huge mikoshi parade floats and spinning them at breakneck speeds around the corners. men were grabbing us and pulling us to safety so we wouldnt get hit. it was crazy. japan is CRAZY dad keeps saying. hahahah... i try to keep telling him that the word crazy here has a different connotation but theres no other way to describe it, eh??? japan IS CRAZY!!! oh yeah... and soooooo cute. ;-) he was happy at the festival cause he found some peach juice on a side road in some mans front yard. he had to break it out of the block of ice tho ;-)

after the festival we went for views over beautiful kyoto from the top of the station. then had tonkatsu for lunch. remember mom??? the fried pork cutlet with cabbage. dad tried the fried huge prawns. so yummy. you should have seen him trying to crush his sesame seeds in his bowl. DISASTER.

after that we took the subway over to Daitoku-ji (a big temple complex.) Dad was excited to ride the subway, but his neighbors weren't as excited! ;-0

At Daitoku-ji we saw a lot of zen gardens. moss ones, rock ones, tree ones..... all you could imagine and more. it was really pretty cuz the colors were just beginning to change. we also saw a lot of shiba inus taking a walk. dad stopped for every one to say hi.

then we took a crowded bus over to Gion - the red light district to look at the geishas and hostess clubs. ;-o the canal and river at night were BEAUTIFUL!!! but the restaurants were sooooo fancy and soooooooo expensive. i couldnt justify dropping $100 a head to eat... even tho dad was going to be soooo supportive.

so we ate dinner at a crazy okonomiyaki joint where you sit with japanese manequin ladies in kimonos and eat with them. dad tried to feed his mannequin but she didnt like it. hahahah... the okonomiyaki was only $5 but no where near as delicious as the okonomiyaki in hiroshima! ;-)

our feet are pooped. so were off to bed. i made dad take a sleepin pill last night. i might try and do the same tonight esp since were sharing a bed. tomorrow morning is a flea market at temple, more temples and hopefully the sunset at kiyomizu dera. wishin you were here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo love sis and dad

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