Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 3 in Kyoto... Toji Market, Tofuku-ji, Fushimi-inari and Takao

a.m. e-mail to mom...

uh oh.

drama this morning. you packed his socks... but 2 were different colored toes. but i had to spend 5 minutes convincing him they were IDENTICAL besides the toe color. having fun! wish you were here.

sat next to an old dr. yesterday at breakfast who was here in kyoto taking the BAR exam to be a lawyer! crazy. todays breakfast couple was cute too. dad compliments EVERYONE on their english. so they love him. but the kids run crying and hide from him when he waves hello.

off to the flea market at Toji temple. then tofukuji then fushimi inari.... then off to the mountains to see some temples and throw some clay disks to get rid of bad karma. ill throw a few for jo. she wrote me and said her family is cursed... she was robbed yet again :-( poor thing.

xoxo callie

p.m. email to mom

wow wow wow... i just dont even know where to begin.

1st of all he survived the day with his socks. YEAH!!!

2ndly he has got off the nippon question and onto asking me every minute about where the bird chirping noise is coming from... but he doesnt seem to like my response that ITS THE WALKWAYS!!!!!!!!

we had a FUN FUN FUN filled day. yowza. breakfast is rice balls, miso soup and bread. and really weird tart apple juice or tea.

started off with the crazy and cooky flea market at toji temple. dads been splurging and getting us taxis so we got there at 7;30am.... they had so many knick knacks and i had to pull dad away at some points. i think he bought little trinkets for his entire office tho. hahah... was fun! and there was a huge 5 layered pagoda as the backdrop. we bought yummy dried strawberries. mmm... good thing we went early cause an hour later it was JAMMED PACK full of people. we quickly got outta there and took a taxi to the next temple.

next stop was tofukuji which is its own world of zen temples, sub temples, mini temples and more temples. its a bit off the beaten track and we were early so very lucky to have barely any people there. we saw the huge san-mon gate which is the oldest in japan and then the hojo gardens which had beautiful zen gardens...

i loved the ska zen - stone and moss checkboard patterns.... and the raked stones to mimic the sea. dad loves being zen! while dad went to the bathroom i chatted up some local old men standing about. i asked them where their favorite temple was and one of the guys ended up being our tour guide! he pointed out awesome spooky dragon paintings on the ceilings then took us down the road to his favorite garden which was GORGEOUS...

its called komio-in... we gotta tell virgie about it. maybe my favorite temple. was free and the gardens were soooooo neat. got lots of pics of dad and i meditating in the beautiful tatami rooms overlooking the gardens. hahah...

after that we walked on over to fushimi inari which is that really cool mountain with 1,000s of huge red tori gates lined up..... before we went in we bought some green tea ice cream but it was so gross i had to secretly hide and shove the ice cream down the sewer when no one was looking. we devoured the delicious waffle cone tho.

we climbed up part of the mountain... but it was getting busy so we started to head back out... but before we left we met the CUTEST oldest papillon named PAPI!!! her face looked just like gizzie so sweet.... but she was SOOOOO SHAGGY!!! and soooo hot and did not like the crowds starting to come in and the heat. dad played with papi for a good 20 mins... the owners must have thought we were nutz

dad has been shocked at how the japanese love to dress up their dogs like humans...

it's funny how ive just gotten used to it... most of the times dogs here have better fashion than me.

next we went up in the mountains to takao-san. we ate soba noodle soup while overlooking the maple tree valley. soooooo pretty... then did 2 big hikes up long rocky staircases up to the temples. we kept saying how much you would have loved the hike mom! hahaha reminded me of when you me and karen went to see the buddha near hong kong. hahaha ;-)

we bought clay discs which you throw into the valley to get rid of bad karma. (we tried not to think of the hikers below) i bought 2 discs for jo. poor jo. we threw the discs and then had fun laughing with the locals. one grandma threw her disc and it floated soooooo far perfectly down the valley. then she taught grandpa how to throw but his went crashing down into the bush right in front of us. grandma was NOT HAPPY. hahaha.... reminded me of a certain 2 people i know ;-)

we hiked and explored behind the temples to find a hidden waterfall and grotto then caught the bus back down. so far up until this point we have been soooo lucky with having NO CROWDS... but taking the bus ride back we realized that in fact IT IS A HOLIDAY. the 40 min ride took us 2 hours. yikes. luckily we had seats tho.

the 2 guys jo and i stayed with in osaka wanted dad and i to come out for dinner in osaka but when we got to the station it was PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooo crazy. soooooooo many people. so we fudged it and instead had a relaxing awesome yaki tori (chicken skewer fancy BBQ) dinner. our favorite was the skewered asparagus wrapped in pork and the eggplant skewers and japanese green peppers... mmm... oh yeah and saucy chicken skewers. you would have loved it!

off to nara tomorrow. they have craploads of deer... i think even worse than hiroshima. should be interesting. hahah...

so sleepy. off to bed now.

hope you like my email journaling.

love you! miss you!!!!

xoxo callie

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