Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 6 and 7 : Kobe

I haven't heard many people talk about Kobe... I think he's always being overshadowed by his neighbors Kyoto and Osaka.... but my Dad and I decided to go over and and see how he's doing...

I actually really like Kobe... its small enough so you can walk around to almost everywhere... the first afternoon there we wandered through Chinatown on our way down to the pier...

My dad was sooooo happy to finally find PEACH JUICE!!! but when I told him to try buying it on his own... he put in the 100 yen coin and pressed what?!?!? not peach juice - but MELON CREAM SODA!!! which is a sugar brain attack of sweetness and grossness... oh dear... i had to help him select peach juice. hahah

The pier area of Kobe was really nice. We walked along the water front and watched all the boats coming in. Then we explored the Mosaic Mall and sat outside along the pier for dinner. They had funky art exhibited all over the pier and my Dad was ecstatic to find a big Danish flag! hahaha...

I took my Dad into one of the many dog clothing stores... He was shocked at all the fancy outfits, beds, carriages and more you could buy for your pup!!! They had loads of costumes also... every disney character imaginable and every animal under the sun...

but one outfit will set ya back about $70!

how can you put a price on cuteness???

He was also shocked at the crepe stores. This picture only covers 1/3 of the possible crepe combos you can buy!!!

spicy sausage crepes, hotdog/mac n cheese crepes, tuna salad and corn crepes, raw salmon crepes, potato and hot dog crepes and MORE!!!!

too bad we already ate dinner ;-)

At the pier they also had an amusement park for kids.... i LOVED these big animals you could drive around like a car for 200 yen!!! soooo cute.

p.m. e-mail to mom

did you tell dad i didnt have a dryer???

he got the brilliant idea to do ALL his washing tonight at 9:30 but didnt realize that japanese dryers actually DONT DRY. so he was up til midnight trying to dry them. then hung his undies and clothes ALL OVER THE HOTEL ROOM. mom.. HELP!!!

Mom's reply:

Yes i did tell him you did not have a dryer and did not realize the ramifications.

good luck

Day 2 in Kobe

the next day in kobe my dad and I went over to the earthquake museum. my dad remembered teaching about the earthquake in his classes and raising money so he was really interested in going to the museum... they had great exhibits and videos and a virtual reality theatre which shook and reenacted the earthquake.

To finish up our trip we decided to have a relaxing afternoon at Arima onsen - the oldest hotspring town in Japan...

It was about a 40 minute bus ride north of Kobe... we made friends with a local on the bus who ended up staying with us all afternoon and was so kind and patient to show dad the ropes of how to use a Japanese onsen. hahahaha....

After a relaxing soak in the hot hot waters we walked around Arima and used the golden foot baths dotted around the town.

On the way home we spotted yet another purple haired granny!!!! she was so cool... then took the monorail out to Kobe airport to watch the sunset and catch our flight up to HOKKAIDO!!!!!! yeeeeee ha!!!

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