Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My other school...

Wed. Sept 30th... e-mail to mom...

Today Dad and I ventured off to my other school.

but it wasn't until after a disastrous morning. i had to go to a different high school first to get my yearly medical check. but on the way i got a flat tire on my bike. grrr.... then once there and doing all these bizarre tests and questionnaires they took a bunch of viles of blood and after that i broke into a cold sweat, turned white like a ghost with a tint of green as the other ALTs stated. they quickly sat me in a chair before i blacked out and shoved a banana, water and chocolate down me. ufffff.. not fun.

i had to lie down back at home.... and then the OTHER bike got a flat. grrr... so we had to go to the bike shop to patch em up in order to ride over to sapporo station.

we arrived right at the bell of our class so rushed in. dad received a standing ovation. they kids LOVED HIM. he was a rock star!!!!!!!! we played 20 questions and they listened to dad's stories.

at lunch in the hallway some girls RAN OVER and started screaming wanting to shake his hand. hahahaha... they were soooo cute. even some of the boys gave him a hug and dad taught them some handshakes. hahaha... soo funny. the kids at this school are WAY MORE energetic and crazy than the other school. I think dad was in shock. ;-)

after school a group of girls walked with us over to the lord of the rings crazy tower. they told me they never had so much fun before (poor girls)

for dinner we caught the train to the station and went to the top of the fancy dept store daimaru for dinner. OMG mom!!! you would have been in heaven. its a place called the buffet!!!! it was so fancy and DEEEELISH. with REAL food like salads, greens, fruits galore, pizza, make your own tacos, make your own ramen, sushi, miso, bakery, cakes and puddings galore and me and dads favorite - a HUGE sundae bar!!!! OMG. we had 2 huge helpings. i feel sooooo sick. hahah. but soooo worth it. we also met the cutest cutest family at the buffet. we exchanged gifts and phone numbers cuz they were so fun.

rode our bikes home and im POOPED! ufff..... time is flying.

tomorrow we'll go to school again but no classes. dad is being interview by the school newspaper.

i think we can leave early but we have the NIPPON HAM FIGHTERS game to go to!!! whooo hooooo cant wait ;-)

miss you! kiss yoU!

dad keeps asking if you wrote. write him please. ;-)

Thu. Oct 1

Today was a holiday at school because it was in between semesters. But the school was still full of students taking extra classes, studying and doing club activities. The newspaper club had an hour and a half interview with Dad. They were so cute and nervous asking him questions in English.

My Dad was shocked by the BUTA-INFLUENZA scare everywhere. lots of people in face masks and the school keeps making announcements of who is absent and sick from the flu. uh oh!!! they have hand sanitzer everywhere. ;-) (the next week all of the 2nd year students were sent home and a week later all of the 1st year students were sent home!!! ahhh)

In the afternoon we watched the club activities. Originally I wanted Dad to play tennis with the tennis club but when one of my JTEs asked the tennis coach if we could play he seemed concerned that there was a tennis competition approaching… ahhhh! Really??? They practice EVERY DAY, even on HOLIDAYS and on WEEKENDS… and they aren’t allowed to play a few balls with my Dad???? Really!???! There are barely ever any teachers there giving pointers to the students. They organize and drill by themselves… and my Dad who actually plays tennis wanted to help em out, have fun and give them a few pointers. Uff… I didn’t try to fight it. Instead we just wandered to the courts and watched.

Then we went home to relax for a bit before we went to see the fighters!

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