Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walking Gon, Sapporo Art Park and Welcome Dinner

On Sunday we slept in after a crazy night in Susukino and then went for a walk with my neighbour's dog along the Toyohira river. The dog LOVED dad and even let him hold him when he got tired!

After our walk we headed over to Sapporo Art Park… passing by the Olympic Stadium and stopping over in Ishiyama park. There was a hippie fashion magazine shoot and we saw the cutest papillon in a strawberry dress!

We then went to see the building/museum that Ikuya designed in Sapporo Art Park. It was the one year anniversary for the museum so there was a small festival for kids!

We had a picnic in the park, wandered through the outdoor sculpture forest and then went over to my friend Mayumi’s house to see her baby Nana who was now almost 3 months old. She LOVED Dad!

In the evening we went to my Japanese teacher’s house for a welcome party for Dad. She was so sweet and let me invite some of the teachers from my school. They all brought over deeeelicious food. One of my teachers even brought a HUGE welcome cake!!!! YUM!!! Off to school tomorrow with Dad! ;-)

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