Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emperor Sorensen, Lake Toya and a sad goodbye...

Ikuya decided to take us to hell and back for my Dad's last day in Japan!!!!!

First stop was Noboribetsu to see the onsens and DEVILS!!!!!

After getting a dose of devils we decided to improve our samurai and ninja techniques at the SAMURAI VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The samurai village in Noboribetsu is full of crazy cheesy fun...... we threw ninja stars, watched ninja shows, went thru crazy ninja mazes, saw more plays, played with the actors, went through crazy haunted houses and temples and more...

There was even a crazy spooky cat temple with haunted demon cats jumping out and meowing everywhere. ewwww......

But the highlight of the day (and maybe the ENTIRE trip) was when my Dad was picked to go on stage and become the STAR of the show with the geishas!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the photos and video speak for themselves ;-)

We then drove down to Lake Toya where we had a HUGE sprawl of food at a yaki niku mom and pop shop....

Then went to watch the sunset over Lake Toya. ;-) Before heading home we went up to the fancy schmancy Hotel Windsor where the G8 summit was held.

Thanks Dad for an amazing, fabulous, hilarious, fun, wacky adventure in Japan!!!!! Sooooo glad you were able to get a taste of my life here and meet all of my friends, teachers and students. ;-)


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blimpy said...

Hi Callie!
My name is Cristina. I come from London and am visiting Sapporo, I was just researching things to do for the next week I'll be here (though I'll be travelling Japan for 5 more weeks after that) and found your blog!! It's actually really helpful for my travels.

I noticed that you're working for JET, I'm applying this year and hoping to live here in Sapporo next year and thought it would be a great idea to meet up with you? Just for drinks or dinner. We're staying right next to Odori park. And of course I will not mind or be offended if you say no!

If you would like to meet up just email me on and my boyfriends email just in case mine screws up -
Hope to hear from you soon! I've actually started a blog of my own if you want to have a look! -