Monday, November 9, 2009

Hakodate getaway...

With Ikuya being a typically hard workin' Japanese guy, it's hard to find time to take a trip... but luckily a few weeks ago he got a few days off in a row so we headed on a road trip down to Hakodate!!!!

Before heading into Hakodate town we purified ourselves at the Trappestine Convent... it was pretty funny watching the Japanese tourists pose like Jesus on the cross for photos... oh dear...

Our first stop in Hakodate was the Goryokaku Tower which overlooks the star shaped fort/park. The view was gorgeous from the top of the tower!!! The weather was also amazing (especially since a typhoon was scheduled to hit that day!)

When I think of Hakodate I think of the amazing squid dance and festival. Sadly I couldn't make it this past summer... but we made sure to pose and visit with as many squids as possible!

not only did we pose with em but we also ate em.... sorry squid!!!

the squid ramen mix was DEEEELish as was the black squid ink gyoza!!! yum yum!

I passed on the fresh sea urchin at the morning market tho.

my favorite in hakodate was watching the children fish for squid...


The other famous thing in Hakodate is Lucky Pierrot... a greasy burger joint which themed circus/angel/50's/etc restaurants dotted all around the city.

We were lucky to grab a swinged chair seat before we dived head first into their greasy burger and chinese chicken sandwiches... mmmmm......

Hakodate IS a beautiful city... with the old buildings, brick warehouses, cobbled streets...

The night view of Hakodate is famous and ranked one of the top night views in the world... I was a bit suspicious but it actually was gorgeous!!! If you go - I recommend escaping the crowds by grabbing a candle lit table at the cafe which had perfect (and quiet AND warm) views over the city!

yeeeeeeeah hakodate!!!!!!!!

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