Monday, November 23, 2009


For Halloween a few of us from Hokkaido flew down to Tokyo for the weekend.

We stayed at our first capsule hotel in Asakusa!!!

We woke up on the morning of Halloween and decided to wear our costumes all day as we explored around Asakusa and the rest of Tokyo...

I decided to represent Hokkaido by dressing as Super Marimokkori!!! The excited green algae ball... (search my blog for more on marimo if you don't know about him yet!)

Everyone was so excited to see us all dressed up and I was shocked at how many people knew who I was... Even lil old grannies were shouting "MARIMOKKORI!!!!!"

Maid Cafe in Akihabara...

Then a crazy themed theatrical dinner at Kagayas...

After dinner we headed off for a dose of Halloween nightlife in Tokyo... soooo many people were dressed up and the club at night was PACKED FULL.... I even found another Marimokkori friend!

The next morning we had a lazy breakfast and shopped in Harajuku... and swung by the bridge to see the cosplay girls...

Back in Sapporo there were more Halloween celebrations to be had.

At both of my schools... I didn't think that Marimokkori would be appropriate... so I decided to surprise them by borrowing a student's uniform and wearing it all day at school. One of the teachers had a blue wig in her desk so I decided to throw that on too ;-)

In class we played bobbing for apples, the body part guessing game, and had heaps more spooky fun!

At home Ikuya and I made a jack-o-lantern.... it was his first one and probably better than any jack-o-lantern I ever carved!!! Especially considering we used a cheap regular knife. ;-)

Hope everyone back home had a spooktacular Halloween as well!!!!! xoxo

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