Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Arashi concert visit

Ikuya’s mom, Aunt and cousin made a road trip from Tokachi to Sapporo. His cousin was soooo excited because she had back to back tickets for Arashi… probably the most popular Japanese boy pop bands!

At Japanese pop concerts merchandise is a must for the youngins…. His cousin came home with armloads of posters and fans of each of the boy members…. Ikuya tried to blend in.

His cousin even hand made her clothes for the concert!!! She made a sequinced kira kira jacket which her favorite member wore at one of their first concerts.

Each of the members of Arashi has a corresponding bright color.... so all weekend in Sapporo you could see groups of girls decked out from head to toe in their favorite boy's color!!!

Ikuya and I cooked up a huge breakfast feast in the morning… and we spent the day walking around Sapporo and took his mom to COSTCO for the first time while his cousin and Aunt went for round 2 of Arashi. I absolutely love taking Japanese people to COSTCO for their first time. Seeing their dropped jaws and wide eyes are priceless!

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