Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in Sapporo

I’m still surprised by how much Japan decorates for Christmas despite not really celebrating it at all on Christmas Day… Here in Japan Christmas is a holiday meant more for romantic couples than for families or baby Jesus. It's also a time to eat expensive but cute Christmas cakes and Kentucky Fried Chicken. (see last year's post on our KFC xmas)

This year we went to see the huge x-mas tree in Sapporo Factory which they light up and animate each year. They also had live music and various performers...

Also every year is the Sapporo Illumination which takes place along Odori Park. They light up Christmas trees and make wired lit up decorations in various shapes and designs which stretch for blocks. My favorite was in the middle of one of the blocks they had this woman in fur in a heated bubble playing a crazy moog synthesizer… she was rockin out to MJ tunes.

Near the TV tower in Odori park they also have the German Xmas market which has more singing, dancing, music, german and Russian shops, roasted almonds, and heaps and heaps of sausages for sale!

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle down in Texas we had a mini Christmas party at home… I put out my mini tree and we ate and devoured all of the snacks they wrapped up.

I also bought ingredients so Ikuya can make his first gingerbread house!!! Being an architect, I’m sure it will look way better than any of the ones I slapped together in the past ;-)

Probably my favorite Christmas spotting this year was the big wooden tanuki in Tanuki Koji Shopping arcade… Tanuki is a big raccoon dog with huge testicles which you rub for good luck. This year tanuki got all dolled up and covered himself with Christmas lights and donned a Santa hat and beard… KAWAII!!!!!

His sidekick was even dressed up as a reindeer with fancy bells and garland. Hahahaha…

A bit down from tanuki were festive school girls jumping and dancing with stuffed animals in short skirts in the middle of the freezing cold. I guess… why not.

At school we also had a crazy Xmas party... I love my students because they join me in dressing up, dancing, singing and much much more!!!

I wish I could upload my videos of the santa balloon stuffing relay race.... amazzzzzzzzzing!

The holiday season also brought many friends together for good ole merry making ;-)

One of the English teachers in Sapporo also threw a Christmas "kira kira" party where you could get all lighted and sparkled up in the spirit of Christmas ;-)

At another party we had a Xmas costume/cake/chicken/secret santa gift exchange... ho ho ho!

The holidays are a time for friends, family and lots of lovin!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I'll catch ya in 2010!

xoxo Callie

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we were at the same table at the mid year conference of doom