Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas in Thailand

One of my jobs at Baan Dada Children's Home was to organize and put on the Christmas party for the little ones!!!

With the help of the other volunteers we compiled a list of fun English Christmas games and activities to play Christmas morning. We taught them Christmas vocab - then I dispersed pictures of each word to the volunteers and had the kids run to the corresponding word I shouted out. Check out the video for clips of the game ;-) We also played fruit basket, pin the nose on rudolph... Christmas music FREEZE dancing and more...

After that we headed out back to run a crazy relay race (including my favorite from Hokkaido English Challenge - spit in the bucket!!!) The kids loved the games and luckily we wore em out enough so they snoozed in the afternoon so we could prepare Christmas dinner!

On Christmas Eve we had an art project with the little ones and made tons and tons of paper chains to decorate the kitchen/dining area... On Christmas Day it was a huge project to cook enough pizza, pasta, mango ice cream and cake for over 80 people!!! Justin found it especially challenging to make a deeeelish pasta sauce especially since the home doesn't eat garlic, onions or mushrooms... yikes!

I think my arms still ache from crankin and churnin that mango ice cream with the kids for hours upon hours! it was soooooo good tho! worth every minute ;-)

We also went out Christmas caroling around the neighboring village... and the children put on a traditional Karen dance...

Of course Christmas wasn't the same without my family and my mom's home cooked food... but with the kids and fun we had, it was definitely one of the most memorable Christmases! ;-)

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