Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homestay in Western Kachanaburi

Also while out in Western Thailand we did a home stay in western Kanchanaburi... It was a great opportunity to get out into the 'boonies' of Thailand. There were no roads out to the village so some of the locals came out to pick us up by boat.

It was great to be back in a developing country. We slept practically outside in the Thai/Burmese jungle... with sounds of insects, crickets, toads, and of course roosters as our alarms.

To me it was comforting and reminded me of my time in East Africa and I slept soooo soundly - but to some of the others they woke up with dark circles around their eyes and could give a play by play of every minute and noise throughout the night.

i love children because they can have fun no matter where they are and no matter what they have/or don't have.

We hiked, went fishing, learned how they made rice, went to a woman's house to watch her weave... and ate sooooooo much deeeelicious food!

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