Saturday, February 6, 2010

more pics of Baan Dada...

The kids were just oooooozing of love at Baan Dada. From the second we pulled up they were hanging on us like monkeys giving hugs galore and smooches.

It was a fun challenge to teach the little guys how to read and write English. We also had art classes and gave them the pencils and crayons my students in Japan had gathered for them...

We also did pen pal letters with some of the older kids at Baan Dada. My students in Japan wrote letters about themselves and described Japanese culture. We read these letters together with the kids at Baan Dada and they wrote back to my kids in Japan.

This was one of my favorite kids... Wallawoot. He was found abandoned at a hospital completely malnourished. They also believe he was born prematurely. Despite having developmental disabilities he was one of the happiest most loving kids at the home.

My favorite was calling out to him: "WALLA-WALLA-WALLA....!" then having him say "WASSSSSUP?!!?!??"

awww... what a great group of kids.

And THANK YOU to all of my teachers and Hokkaido ALTs for donating money to Baan Dada!

If you find yourself in Thailand I definitely recommend heading over to Baan Dada to help out in whatever way you can ;-)

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