Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sapporo Snow Festival and Triple Whammy B-day!

On the way to the triple whammy birthday party we went over to Sapporo's Snow Festival.

Last year my Mom came to Sapporo for the 60th anniversary of the festival. This year we wanted to see the festival through kids' eyes so we met up with a sweet Japanese family my Dad and I met randomly when he visited Sapporo.

The festival wasn't as impressive as last year's... but it was heaps of fun to wander around with the kids. I gave the little girl a piggy back ride through the festival. She guided me where to go and kept screaming "DE-KAI!!!!" (HUGE!!!) while pointing at each sculpture... Even though my ears were ringin' by the end she definitely was a little heat pack for my back. ;-)

After the fest we went over to Buddy Buddy's for a fun Triple Whammy Birthday Party with good friends, food and drinks... (and a DELICIOUS homemade cake made by our Japanese teacher!!!)

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