Monday, April 5, 2010

Sheila's Visit to Japan

My friend, Sheila, from Peace Corps Kenya came to visit me in Japan.

In Kenya, she was my closest volunteer. By closest I mean a two hour walk, 2.5 hour matatu ride and then another 30 minutes walk. ;-)

It was her first time to Japan so I had heaps of fun showing her around!

Her first meal in Japan was soup curry - my favorite Sapporo specialty!

We also went out for sushi with my student and her family. It was deeeeelish!!!

Although we passed on the raw whale.

She LOVED sushi and I got her hooked on the supermarket bargain sushi. From about 7pm most of the supermarkets in Japan mark down food - including huge sushi platters. We each bought a 10 piece sushi set for 200 yen ! ($2)

One of the days we took a day trip to Otaru which is a pretty little port town famous for it's canal, shopping, glass blowing and music boxes.

It also has a shop where you can buy MEGA takoyaki (octopus balls)!!!! mmm...

We also took her to a Sapporo Ham Fighters baseball game at Sapporo Dome and met BB!

We wrapped up her trip by going to an all you can eat yaki niku (grilled meat) restaurant and then gathering 20 friends together to sing the night away at karaoke!

Kwaheri Sheila. Ninakumiss SANA!!!