Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I find it still hard to believe my 2 year stint in the JET program has come to an end.

One of the first things that has shocked me is American SIZES!!!!!!!!

Everything in America is HUGE. The food, the portions, the people, the children, the clothes, the houses, the cars, the dogs... the list goes on.

I was also in shock with how CHEAP (and huge) fruit is in the states!!!

A huge watermelon for $2.88?!?!?!? I'm in HEAVEN!!!!!

These babies would run me at least $40 in Japan.

I think I ate 5 watermelons my first weekend back. No exaggeration.

It was also shocking to come back home and see that 4 of my girlfriends from high school had popped out little humans while I was in Japan.

too cute!

My first weekend back, my parents threw a welcome back to America BBQ...

note: Marimokkori LOVES America

After being home for about a week, I headed out to Pecatonica, IL for two weeks to volunteer and serve at a Vipassana meditation course.