Sunday, January 23, 2011

Delhi Belly


After a month of being in India, Stephanie and I finally experienced the infamous Delhi Belly. (or should I be calling it Rishikesh belly???)

Whatever you call it.... it's no fun.

It hit us the evening after the Music Ashram Blessing party. I was the first to go.... A wave a nausea enveloped me, and soon found myself wincing and toppled over in bed. Stephanie helped comfort me, and lead me to the toilet, but 3 hours later she was hit with the exact same thing.

Steph and I were up the entire night taking turns in the bathroom.

I realized you can't let your guard down while in India. I had a false sense of security in regards to the food here. We have been in India for almost a month now with zero problems. We started out so safe.... using bottled water to brush our teeth, showering with our mouths zipped up tight, only eating the hot food which was offered to us in the ashram... but after a few weeks, we started to slowly trust the filtered water at the ashram, drank the delicious (and cheap!) street chai, ate snacks off the street, and had no problems.

I find it difficult to say no to food when attending a cultural event. I remember thinking twice before eating the sweets and fruits that were generously offered to us... but we got swept up in the moment... and with our stomachs growling for food, we scarfed down the sweet snacks.

I cannot even look at this photo without feeling nauseous all over again. Uffff....

Luckily, our waves of nausea and violent bouts only lasted 12 hours.

As day broke, we wrapped ourselves in our blankets and headed down the street with what little energy we had to go to the shop. One of the beggars on the street must have noticed our condition and blessed us while saying: "God sends his power to you." ;-) The following 24 hours were spent sleeping the day away, sipping on flat cokes, sprites and ginger ales, and then finally gaining the courage to try eating some plain biscuits.

We also found electral, which is India's gatorade. If you find yourself sick in India, go to any street stall and ask for it... It only costs 15 rupees. You mix it into a liter of bottled water and WALLAH! You can start re-gaining your liquids and strength.

At least we learned our lesson... and will be much safer from now on.

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