Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Yoga Journey Begins...

One of the main reasons I wanted to come to India was to study yoga, improve my own practice, and learn how to teach it to others.

We were drawn to Rishikesh because it is a small city FILLED with different styles and classes of yoga.

From February until the end of March, Stephanie and I will take a 200 hour Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Hatha yoga. Before our TTC begins, we are going around to the various studios and ashrams to get a taste of the kinds of yoga and teachers Rishikesh has to offer.

For the next 3 weeks we are focusing on Ashtanga Yoga. Yesterday, we started a week-long "Art of Adjustments" course offered by Yogi Kamal. He is a master of adjustments in Ashtanga yoga.

After only 2 days of class with Kamal, we have been stretched, bended, and put into positions we never even dreamed we could do!!!

My first class, he picked me up while in headstand and had me bending over backwards into scorpion pose with my back arching, and toes touching my forehead. holy crapola. He has magic , is so gentle, yet pushes me to my limit without going past it. The studio where we practice is right on the banks of the Ganges, with floor to ceiling windows. We instantly knew we wanted to spend a good chunk of time with Yogi Kamal so bought a 3 week pass.

Our daily schedule is:

8:30 - 10:30 am : Ashtanga Primary Series
11 - 1 pm : Art of Adjustment Course
1pm : Lunch and relax
2 - 4 pm : Review and study the poses and adjustments we learned
5 - 7 pm : Ashtanga MySore Style
7pm : Dinner, relax, review, and CRASH!!!

It is intense, but at the same time extremely relaxing and energizing.

To review and practice our adjustments, we head up to the rooftop of the ashram where there is a gorgeous view of the city and the Ganges river. We hang our laundry out to dry, roll out our mats, and dodge the occasional monkey that comes darting over the roof where we practice.

Off to our evening session now........ Namaste


MyrtleHernandez said...

i love the yoga specially in the nature place..
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Anonymous said...

Which ashram is this? Is it Parmath?


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