Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Neerghat Waterfall

Adele, one of my really good friends I met in Kenya, came out to see me in Rishikesh...

Before she came, I had been in Rishikesh for over a month studying yoga , but still had not hit up any of the sights.

It was a good chance to see some of the surroundings and re-hash some great and crazy Kenyan stories.

After a breakfast overlooking the Ganges river, we set off for Neerghat Waterfall... It's about 3 km uphill from Laxman Jhulla bridge.

From the entrance gate you pay 30 rupees to enter (70 cents), then the gate keeper chicken scratches a map on how to hike up to see the 3 waterfalls.

It's a nice 1/2 day trip if you want to escape Rishikesh and get a dose of nature.

Another bonus was the pool beneath the waterfalls where you can have little fish nibble off dead skin off your weary feet.

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