Monday, March 7, 2011

A new home for Yog Peeth...

One Sunday, Yog Peeth arranged for us to go see the spot for their new home.

Currently they are renting out Krishna Cottage, which is up the hill from Ram Jhulla bridge in Rishikesh.

Their plan to move towards a sustainable existence... They bought a gorgeous piece of land a few kilometers East along the Ganges river. To reach their new home you have to hike about 20 minutes uphill along a beautiful serene trail which passes a serene waterfall.

We saw the construction in progress, explored the nearby village, had tea, helped lay some stones, ate lunch, hiked to the waterfall, before heading back to Krishna Cottage.

Unfortunately I caught a strong stomach bug on the hike, and had to run/hobble back up to the construction site... there are no toilets built yet... so let's just say I left my mark. ;-)

They don't expect to finish until at least next year.... but I am jealous of the groups who will have the opportunity to take the course in the mountains.

Start of the hike up to the new home of Yog Peeth

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