Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 3 -5 of our EPIK orientation

Day 3 and 4 of orientation was jammed full of classes ranging from elementary school reading skills to Tae Kwon Do to lesson planning to Korean language and history.

So far Tae Kwon Do was my favorite! They had us running around like fools up and down the gym doing twists, turns, body rolls, kicks, punches… all while screaming from the bottom of our bellies.

Our dorm rooms are nice… with internet in the rooms, A/C, and awesome views. The dormitory here has ZERO tolerance for alcohol… One guy already got sent home for being caught with alcohol in his room. So if you’re coming for orientation, DON’T risk it. It’s NOT worth it. There are plenty of bars and restaurants walking distance from the University and the city center is only a $5 cab ride away.

A few of us decided to go check out the Jeonju dance scene last night. We took a cab to the city and did a bit of street shopping. Was comforting to know I can buy an array of sequenced sparkly scrunchies and headbands at 10pm on a Sunday night.

Also LOVED the motto of the Korean underwear shop: "WILL YOU PLAY WITH ME!!!!!"

Since it was a Sunday night, we didn’t expect too much action at the dance club… but around 11pm the University students started trickling in. I tried to bump and grind my way over to them and make new friends, but they were not interested. Instead, all they wanted to do was practice their choreographed K-pop line dancing. I’ve got two syllables for that… AWE-SOME. When I get to Busan, I will definitely have to hit up the clubs and start learning some K-pop moves. Maybe then they will open up to learning some of my bumpin’ and grindin’ skillz.

Day 5 of orientation was a cultural fieldtrip to Hanok Village, Nambu Market, a cultural center where we made Korean fans and watched the local papermaking process.

We ate a deeeeelish lunch of bibimbap and then headed over to Gyeonggijeon Shrine for a Samulnori performance before driving to Keumsan Temple, with time to splash around in the nearby river which had a stone waterslide.

Normally I would be running about… but my legs were SOOOOO sore from a combination of climbing the 15 flights of stairs (should’ve waited for the elevator), Tae Kwon Do boot camp, and dancing all night long the night before.

Hard to believe we’re already half way through orientation. The next few days will be packed with more classes and preparing for a mock lesson we will teach. Luckily we were put in groups of 3 and only have to present for 15 minutes. We will find out our exact placements on Day 9! Can’t wait to find out which school I will be at.

Hopefully I can squeeze in another night out dancing if my legs recover from last night.


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